Saturday, April 3, 2010

I've been ignoring this blog...

Ever since I started blogging for and my other blog, I've completely neglected this blog. My apologies...I guess because my focus is glass I tend to spend most of my writing time over there. This blog was supposed to inform you lovely readers about what I'm up to and other stuff I find interesting.

So what's new? I've got shows scheduled as well as classes and more are in the works. Las Vegas is first. April 9-11 I'll be at a table at South Point Hotel and Casino at the Glass Craft and Bead Expo show. My table will be covered with cupcakes and hearts and focal beads, especially hollows, which I've been making a bunch more of. There will be a lot of bead sets too. And some fused glass by my friend Jenn Houser. If you're going to the show stop by the table and say hi.

I've got a glass bead making class coming up on the 17th of April at Lighthouse Stained Glass on Melrose in Hollywood. It's always a good time so sign up. Give glass bead making a try. At the end of the month I'll be set up in Culver City at The Bead Society of Los Angeles' semi-annual bead show. Jenn will be there with me as well with her fused glass and hopefully I can get Stacey Peterson and her fabulous PMC goodies to come hang out. I've got two big tables that will be chock full of glass goodies!

One show that I've got coming up has me feeling so honored I have to pinch myself everytime I work on beads for it. I'll be in the annual jewelry show at Freehand in Mid-City LA. They're celebrating their 30th anniversary and I am so honored to be a part of this show. The opening is May 1st and I hope to see a bunch of you there. I'm working on some interesting pieces. Very exciting!!

There's a trunk show scheduled at The San Gabriel Bead Company for the weekend of May 8-9. More beads baby!! And I'll be doing some macramé too. There's also a one day show on May 15th I'll be at in Glendale for the Red Rabbit Craft Show. May has me heading up to Portland to actually take a class. This is super exciting since it's being held at Bullseye Glass. I'll tell more about it as it gets closer. It's going to be very interesting and educational.

I've actually started booking June. Time flies...first weekend of June, the ll be back out at The Beadiak in Agoura for a two day glass bead making class. Those are some of the best classes since on day two you're a bead maker and things are very different. The following Saturday, June 12th I'll be Hands on Third teaching another bead making class. Options...opportunities...good times!

And lastly, I've started working on a new book. It's all about glass and it'll get you started on your glass addiction if you don't have one already. I'll keep everyone posted on this. Now isn't it time to go make something!!

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